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These sessions are for children 9yrs- to teenagers.

Wear loose fitted clothing with socks or bare feet.

1:1 sessions are a wonderful way to make sure that the unique needs of your child or teen are being met.

They provide a valuable space for close guidance that works at the pace of the individual and dedicates both our energies to ensuring that your young person gets the most out of the sessions.

Drawing on my Life coaching, Mindfulness and Yoga qualifications.

I aim to help your child develop a greater understanding of themselves.

  • We start at the foundation of what we need to Thrive. 

  • Build a emotional vocabulary.

  • Teach skills and strategies to help not become too overwhelmed or retreat from difficulties

  • We will explore patterns of behaviour that might be holding us back.

  • We look at communication styles, passive, aggressive and assertive. 

  • Weaved through every session, We will  build a stronger healthier body through yoga postures.

  • And cultivate a deeper understanding of our bodies communication with us and our early warning signs