For all those People 

Ella J Philips 

Published May 2016 (aged 13)

This is for all those people 

Who hide in the dark

For those who feel hopeless

For those with a broken heart.

This is for every child and teen,

Who is trying to flee their fears 

For those who cry themselves to sleep

For those who drown in their tears

This is for the people who hide their scars

Upon their wrists and their thighs

I want to remind each of you

There is a reason that you are alive.

You are here for a purpose

You are needed in this place

You are special, you are beautiful

It doesn't matter what size, gender or race.

You are perfect just the way you are

You are priceless, a wonderful new

You are dearly treasured by many

There is no one more important than you.